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Anglice is a company whose team of highly skilled professionals bring a wealth of talent and experience to the business of creating perfect translations from Russian to English, confidently untangling the most abstruse and complex texts with precision and fidelity, whilst their English copywriting acumen enables them to communicate ideas and expressions in an array of styles, affording their clients the means to express themselves more effectively to an English-speaking audience.

Francine supervises our talented team of translators and is responsible for overall editing, and personally translating the more demanding texts. She is a native speaker of English who’s lived in St Petersburg for fifteen years and mastered the Russian language, becoming fluent in all its intricacies and parlance over a broad range of themes and subjects. She has worked as a specialist Russian to English freelance translator for the past five years, providing expert, meticulous translations of texts ranging from the mundane to the highly obscure and technically elaborate. She’s a perfectionist who takes great pride in her work, endued with a remarkable linguistic talent, wide experience, and a diligent, punctilious attitude.

Lee oversees the copywriting team, and is a native speaker of English with a gift for writing imaginative, compelling and persuasive copy in a variety of styles depending upon the target readership. He’s the author of several short stories and an experienced proofreader of multifarious texts in English. Lee has gained a broad experience in business and understands how to communicate companies’ products, services and concepts persuasively and with an authority that engenders confidence within the readers.

anglice - ADVERB - formal

Definition: in English; as the English would say it.

Origin: from medieval Latin, from Latin Anglus.

Pronunciation: anglice /ˈaŋɡlɪsi/

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